Being multi-faceted, ATIL Design not only offers wedding coordination but event design as well. In addition, we provide custom-made floral arrangements suited to your liking. All your needs are catered under one umbrella of integrated and specialized operations.  In essence, you will have a one-stop-shop setting. These services are incorporated, including comprehensive logistics, full installation set-up, and teardown. Our methods aim for flawless outcomes and rest assured, all aspects of our work will undergo scrutiny. ATIL Design practices mistake proofing to settle your worries and anxieties leading up to the occasion. Clients will in turn be able to shift their focus on relishing the highly- anticipated event, and be pleased with the outcome. After all, that’s always been the focal point of our efforts.


Wedding coordination comprises the essential details of your event and we recognize that this is laying out the groundwork for a successful festivity. ATIL Design will be strenuously involved with all the elaborate details of your wedding. Our roles include but not limited to vendor chief and liaison, budget manager, charge negotiator, intermediary for family affairs, paper and document designer, writing help, venue canvasser, wedding favor champion, and food tasting assistant. And as a bonus, our keen eye for fashion makes us qualified to be your personal stylist. We will engineer a wedding blueprint that is free of hassle and surpasses your expectations. Through our expertise, we will be able to zero in on the kinks and identify other wedding necessities where others may fail during preparations. With us, an oversight like forgetting to book the hotel room, shuttle the wedding party, and perhaps a possibility of a windstorm during an outdoor wedding will be a mere checked box on the to-do list. We are accustomed to the stress our clients may feel, even after being certain that they are in expert hands. Our strategies, coupled with our past experiences, are advantageous when it comes to consoling you as the need arises. We are here for you and can be very versatile to be precisely what you need at that given moment.


Event design is customizing your affair to showcase elegance and beauty. We know that holds a different meaning for every client we work with. The understanding of your vision, interpreted by our unique ideas, will make for a celebration worth remembering. Evident in our portfolio, we do away with the common and conventional. Every detail of your event is accounted for and our collective visual talents magnify features often missed by many. Though unspoken, we will see to it that your wedding conveys a remarkable story. The details of which are glued together by elements either large or miniscule, only true to your brand. We will design your invitation together, marking off details from the font to the paper type. We will brainstorm about the chair you’ll use and whether or not you want that covered. What color might that be? What seating arrangement best speaks to you? Do you envision a centerpiece? If so, there are countless styles up our sleeve. In addition, the creative direction of your event is navigated by careful planning based on your own visualization and our exceptional skills, largely to details. We are always eyeing for what’s new and fresh that will make your wedding one of a kind.


As part of our multidimensional service, our flowers are prepared and designed at our home-base. Our signature style is described as unfastened, organic, and romantic. Our trademark incorporates big romantic blooms, fruiting branches, twisting clematis vines, and various types of natural foliage you would find growing in nature. Our supply is sourced from around the world, with the best blooms from Holland, Japan, and Italy. We also find that our local flower farmers have been an emerging aspect to our design work. ATIL Design operates closely with these farmers who grow products specifically for our events. Our large collection of compote bowls, vases, and urns provides a wide array of options to choose from. These vessels are both viable to hold your flowers in place and sophisticated, fitting for a celebration overflowing in elegance.



Chair covers

Table covers

Cloth Napkins

Fabric Treatments

Whether you started your wedding planning book while still in your giddy youth, or you have no idea where to begin, we are just an email, phone call, or text away. ATIL Design is looking forward to the opportunity of collaborating with you. Let us make that dream a reality.  Let’s Connect!